There seems to be a lot of confusion right now about how to best train your GLUTES! 

And while the biomechanics and physiology can be complicated 😅 your glute growth training programs don’t really have to be. In fact, they can be really SIMPLE.

At YA BISH FIT, we train GLUTES three (3) times each week and for each workout we do four (4) EXERCISES. This is how all of our GLUTE growth programs are designed. Moreover, we’ve added a little accessory burner in for you as a bonus here.

Category number one is our personal favourite … the THRUST / BRIDGE movement. These variations are guaranteed to get your GLUTES firing 👇🏼🔥

    • Hip thrusts (single & double leg variations)
    • GLUTE bridges
    • Frog pumps 

You can do any of these with a barbell, bands, body weight, or a smith machine. Just take your pick! You now have your first movement on lock.

The second exercise category we recommended is the OG SQUAT or LUNGE movement. This includes a Bilateral squat or single leg squat pattern. Think reverse lunges, step ups, a Bulgarian split squat, or even a leg press variation.

We have a love-hate relationship with category number two for glute growth. But if GLUTE GAINS are what you want, GLUTE GAINS are what you will get with this movement 🍑

The third category is a HINGE / PULL movement. Our favourite are single and double leg RDL’s, but you also have all of these variations to choose from:

    • Different types of Deadlifts
    • Good mornings 
    • 45 degree hypers
    • Reverse hypers

And last but definitely not the least, our fourth category is an ABDUCTION / EXTERNAL ROTATION movement. 

There are different types of abduction movements: some bent over and abducting in the horizontal or transverse plane, and some where you are straight up abducting in the frontal plane. Make sure you alternate between these two.

In summary:

That's 3 SETS of all 4 EXERCISES.
12 WORKING SETS per day 3 x per week. 
That’s 36 SETS per week on GLUTE growth. The perfect amount, in our opinion!

Our glute growth programs ensure that you hit ALL the subdivisions of the GLUTEUS MAXIMUS. You’re going to hit the GLUTEUS MEDIUS and the upper and lower subdivisions of the GLUTEUS MAXIMUS. What’s amazing is you’re also going to develop the quad musculature, the hamstring musculature, the inner thigh, and your lower back 🙏🏼 

Basically, your whole physique will transform from these 4 categories of glute growth movements. 

GROWING YOUR GLUTES can be simple. Oftentimes, we overlook the massive power of simplicity because we have been conditioned to think things have to be “hard” and good things like GLUTE growth can’t come easy. 

The thing is, they can be! But only if you are consistent. CONSISTENCY BRINGS MASSIVE RESULTS and is the key to building the GLUTES of your dreams 🙏🏼

If you are looking for a glute growth program to follow that will have your GLUTES looking peachy while also cinching your waist and toning your arms or back, then our SLIM THICK guide is exactly what you are looking for. It can be purchased here.

Don’t waste anymore time and hop onto the glute growth train now!