How to get SLIM THICK

How to get SLIM THICK

'Slim thick 'is a phrase that has become popular in recent times to describe a certain female body type, usually pear or hourglass shaped - a small waist, flat stomach and larger hips, bum and thighs. Often someone who is Slim Thick is considered toned or physically fit but soft and curvy is also where it’s at and should not be overlooked when trying to achieve this shape. The million dollar question is - how do you get slim thick? Is it genetically impossible for anyone to achieve a slim thick figure? Are we really able to go from flat to phaaaat?

The answers below ⬇️ We are just going to go right ahead and say it 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ ANYONE CAN GET SLIM THICK, literally ANYONE. It requires work, like all good things but there is a specific method that works every time and we’re about to share it with you…. It is true, you can not spot reduce fat (unfortunately 😭😭) Most scientific evidence suggests that fat loss is generalized to the entire body and you’ve probably noticed where you personally, naturally lose weight first. The good news - You can however target muscles to improve the tone in specific areas and also the GROWTH in specific areas…. this is how you achieve the slim thick shape you want.

Our recommendation is: 2 x toning upper body workouts per week (Designed to tighten and tone, not grow - think leaning out your arms, shoulders and back. These workout days are quick and effective and can be paired with cardio to burn extra calories) 3 x growth focused lower body workouts per week (Growing those damn thighs and Booty using consistent progressive overload) 4 x 5 min core snatching workouts (Quick and super effective to pull your waist in) Pair the above with a simple carb cycle guide that works every time to ensure you are eating foods to support growth on your lower body workout days and foods to support fat burning on your upper body toning days.

The Ya Bish Slim Thick program was designed by former American football players, Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt and is used by thousands of women around the world.

Their program includes everything you need to get results quickly:

A SLIM THICK gym workout guide:

  • A SLIM THICK home workout guide
  • A carb cycle guide to match their workout guides
  • A core cinching program 
  • A fat burning cardio guide

Literally everything you need to get the SLIM THICK figure you’ve been dreaming about.

They believe in their program so much that it has a 100% money back guarantee so you have absolutely zero risk in trying it for yourself and the results speak for themselves.