How to heal and nourish your body after emotional purging

How to heal and nourish your body after emotional purging

The truth hurts, emotional purging is hard, and growth is heavy as f*ck.

Does anyone else feel like they’re losing their minds lately? Or is it just us 😅

Recently, we’ve been going through some very heavy emotions - the kind that has had us on the ground crying and wondering what the actual f*ck is going on. 

Is it the moon?

The turmoil in the world?

The stress of building a business?

Entering new relationships?

Or were all of those things triggering old trauma trapped in our bodies…

We decided to share what we’ve been going through in the hopes that if you are experiencing something similar, you will know you are not alone

Thankfully, we’ve discovered the wonders of emotional purging. We’re lucky we have each other to rely on, so we want you to feel like we’ve got you too!

Firstly, what the hell is “emotional purging”?

Emotional purging – or catharsis – is the process of eliminating emotions that don't serve you, and for the purpose of this post, specifically pain, fear, pity, anger, and shame.

It looks different for everyone but for us, the process of emotional purging entailed crazy, irrational thoughts and feelings, a LOT of crying, anxiety, restlessness, nightmares, and feeling exhausted beyond measure. 

We are personally up-leveling in a lot of areas in our lives and with that comes the shedding of the “old” to make way for the new. Although this is an exciting time, it does open the gate for old patterns to surface to test if you are truly ready to elevate. 

It’s scary, but that’s life. Nothing lasts forever or remains the same. 

It feels uncomfortable as sh*t! It makes you question if you are losing your f*cking mind and if it’s really worth all the drama.

We did a little more digging into what we were experiencing so we could understand it a little better and this is what we found:

Emotional purging is when your body has built up unresolved trauma stored throughout the body. In order for this unresolved trauma to be released, it has to exit the body in some form - usually crying, and not the happy kind.

After you release all that trauma, you will feel very exhilarated and enlightened. However, emotional purging is taxing on the physical body. 

If you’re like us, you could be feeling depleted, dehydrated, tired, and have muscle soreness and fatigue. All these signs are normal when your body is going through emotional purging.

We made a list of things you can do to start healing and nourishing your body while you are doing some emotional purging that have worked for us so far:

  • Hydrate. Not being hungry and not wanting to eat is normal so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Try to eat something easy and nutritious like fruit or salads or pasta lol 
  • Listen to music that soothes your soul. For me, I instantly feel my nervous system relax when I put on my old-school jazz
  • Have a long hot shower and cry; purge more if you need to. It feels nice to do it under the hot water 
  • Go for walks and listen to music to get your mind off things. Just be present with fresh air and nature
  • Pampering face masks, massages, nails etc. Anything that makes you feel and look good lifts the spirit, and there’s nothing better than treating yoself!
  • Light a candle and relax
  • Do some journaling and write down all of what you’re feeling 
  • Meditation helps to be present with yourself and work through your thoughts
  • Work out if you feel up for it or need some sort of physical release, or take time to pleasure yourself
  • It can also be a great time to get rid of old belongings and clean out your cupboards and living space. This frees up the energy in your space, which is super calming

If you are feeling alone and it becomes overwhelming, we encourage you to reach out to your family, friends, or your local hotline.

Not everything we go through is “ease and flow”. We’re human after all, and we experience all of the feels. What we’ve found though, is that after a really heavy low is a massive breakthrough in all areas of your life. 

So power through the uncomfortable yet necessary process of emotional purging and accept all the high vibrations that enter your life as a result. 

Change is a necessary element of truly being alive, so hold on Queen!

Love, Jayne and Quincy