Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt of Ya Bish Fit

Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt of Ya Bish Fit

Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt founded Ya Bish Fit in 2021 with the goal of giving midsize women globally a training platform that worked for their goals and body types.

Jayne Caldwell was born in Bangkok, Thailand before moving to Australia at the age of 3. She went to play American football in the United States where she won her first national championship with the Chicago Bliss. 

Quincy Hewitt is a New Zealand born former American football player turned entrepreneur. She won two national championships in both Australia and the USA before entering the world of fitness technology.

Together, best friends and business partners Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt retired and turned to entrepreneurship. They co-founded Ya Bish Fit to transform the lives of women globally through their passion of empowering women through fitness, self love, and community.

Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt are both passionate about movement, mindset, and elevating women and YA BISH FIT is all of that plus more. 

Jayne Caldwell once said, “As former professional athletes, we didn’t want to train for performance, to get skinny, or be super ripped. We just wanted to lift and move our bodies because it made us feel good to tone up but keep it juicy.” 

And Quincy Hewitt seconds that sentiment stating, “We move because we LOVE OURSELVES. We know there are a million different programs out there, we’ve tried them. But there was nothing that catered to the middle ground of wanting to stay fit but also keeping your curves and eating carbs. This is why we created Ya Bish Fit.”

They recently partnered with Pele Ramdhani who has 20 years of proven experience in the fitness industry helping scale the Good Life Gym Franchise, Fitness First and working with industry leaders such as Emily Sky and Chris Hemsworth.

Pele Ramdhani is passionate about fitness and community and is excited about the opportunity to help take Ya Bish Fit to the world alongside Jayne Caldwell & Quincy Hewitt. 

Quincy said their first goal is to form strategic partnerships with other companies in the fitness space who share a similar vision with Ya Bish Fit to elevate women. Jayne is also excited about the prospect of growing the brand in Asia as she has strong ties there due to being half Thai. 

The fitness industry is full of a million different methods, practices, programs, and advice which is amazing as women get to choose what works best for them.

Jayne Caldwell said Ya Bish Fit was made for midsize women who want to get results but also live their best lives without all of the restrictions. 

That is where Ya Bish Fit differs.

Quincy Hewitt said, “My favourite part of our program is it gives women the tools to change their lives on the inside as well as the outside”. Ya Bish Fit is all about self-love and self-development; not just physical fitness. 

Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt have worked with some incredible life coaches to bring women positive lasting change. Jaxin Brook is a high level life energy coach who is renowned in her field. She has created programs for the Ya Bish Fit app that are specifically designed to improve self worth in regards to body image, tapping into and aligning with feminine energy, elevating money mindset, and overall self-love. 

The app is live on both the Apple App and Google Play stores and is set to be the number one fitness app on the market come 2023. Ya Bish Fit also offers online training and nutrition guides as a one off purchase for users who prefer to train without an app. 

So what are you waiting for?

Come join Jayne Caldwell and Quincy Hewitt at Ya Bish Fit for a fitness adventure of a lifetime!