Lose inches off your waist in weeks!

Lose inches off your waist in weeks!

We’re not joking. This really works!

Our core tightening program changed our lives, and it’s about to change yours!

Do you currently do endless core exercises and see little to no results?

Do you feel bloated? Do you feel like it’s not feeling as tight as it once was?

As former professional athletes, we have worked with some of the best trainers in the world.

We used to spend at least 20 hours a week stretching, training, and recovering. At least 3 of those hours each week were core-related exercises. 

This training involved burning our cores out using weights and was fuelled by the ego in sessions with other athletes, all trying to outwork each other. 

We never achieved a “cinched” waist during our careers, and the frustration was real! 

We were under the impression that having a cinched core was genetic, and no matter how hard you worked, it was impossible to achieve it. Believe us; we did the work.

It wasn’t until two years post-retirement did we come across this core tightening method, and we are so grateful we did. Why don’t more women know about this? How did we get to this stage in life before finding out?

Not only does this technique give you the tight, cinched look you desire, it also increases overall strength, relieves lower back & pelvic pain, and improves posture. 

Your TVA (transverse abdominis) is your deepest core muscle. The transverse abdominis helps to expel air from your lungs, protect your organs, and stabilise your spine and pelvis. We believe engaging the transverse abdominis is the most underrated core exercise and the least worked core muscle. 

Aside from the above health benefits, the beauty of this method is that it only takes 5 minutes a day and requires no equipment whatsoever. You can even do it while watching Netflix if you want!

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