What is a midsize woman?

What is a midsize woman?

We are MIDSIZE women and we love it here!

Typically, the fashion industry & media highlight what is called ‘straight size’ women – the body types you see on runways, lounging on billboards and plastered on the side of shopping malls. Slender bodies with petite features (beautiful). Over the past decade or so ‘plus size’ has been introduced into the mix with labels such as ‘Curvy’, ‘Real’, and ‘Plus Beauty’ (also beautiful).

If you don’t fall into either of these categories then you’re technically considered - ‘midsize’ and what exactly is that you ask?

The average woman is a size 10-16. These women make up the majority of our population, and yet are woefully underrepresented. Midsize gets very little street cred and to be honest we’re done with that notion.

Why is midsize so overlooked and under appreciated?

Why are we constantly being told we need to “lose weight” or “gain weight” instead of being happy in the happy middle ground where we sit?

If young, impressionable minds don’t see portrayals of size 10-16 women as beautiful, fashionable or fit, the unconscious assumption becomes that they are not.

Midsize women are starting to understand and embrace the power they have to influence change. Since we make up the majority of fashion consumers, brands can no longer ignore our demands for greater representation. The hashtag #midsize has more than 2.5 billion views on TikTok, and is full of women showcasing just how stylish and fabulous midsize women can be. These women are advocating for greater choice and diversity, and demanding that brands improve their size inclusivity.

The fitness industry however still thrives on the insecurities of midsize women as us continuing to feel unworthy is how they sell a majority of their products and procedures. You also very rarely see midsize fitness influencers or midsize representation in the fitness industry as it is still widely believed and accepted, that midsize is not “fit” or “healthy” so women in this body size category should not be of influence.

YA BISH FIT programs are built by midsize women for midsize women. As 80’s/90’s babies we know exactly how it feels to grow up in bodies considered unworthy. We know the struggle and we’re determined to be a part of the solution.

We want to workout and move our bodies from a place of self love not self hate. We want to build our bootys because we like it juicy not because we have to. We want to cinch our waists not have abs and we want to eat carbs, enjoy boozy nights out and live our best lives all at the same time. You feel that right?

It doesn’t have to be either or and we found a way to have the best of both worlds.

It starts with loving yourself just as we are in all of your midsize glory and taking small steps every day to ensure you are thriving not just surviving.

YA BISH FIT was created to bridge the gap.

The gap between the standard fitness apps pushing women to get “skinny”, do endless cardio and count calories and the other end of the spectrum where women do nothing, neglect their health both physically and mentally and stay trapped in an endless cycle of self doubt and self loathing.

The bridge is moving your body because you love your body.

The bridge is feeding your body and your soul.

The bridge is learning to love yourself as you are while making positive change.

The bridge is eating carbs and celebrating life and love and everything in between.

Midsize women are juicy and it’s about time we realise just how poppin we really are.

YA BISH FIT is leading the midsize movement for midsize women because we believe the world needs more midsize representation in the fitness industry. Body positivity must be for everyone, or it helps no one and we are making a stand for midsize women everywhere.

YA BISH FIT strives to empower midsize women through programs designed to cinch the waist, build the booty, and elevate the mindset! We believe showing women they are worthy just as they are creates a healthy base for positive change and the positive flow on effect of that is massive.

This midsize movement has ensured much needed representation for midsize women in the fitness industry. It has created a space online where a community of midsize women can share their experiences and give inspiration to others on the same journey.

It can be so empowering to just love yourself as you are! Not when you lose weight or when you achieve a certain look. No requirements asked; other than that you feel great in your body!

Midsize is beautiful.

Midsize women are beautiful.

Bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

Here’s to midsize women spreading awareness and fighting for inclusivity for all other midsize women out there!

The world is moving in the right direction when it comes to female body positivity but we’ve got a long way to go and addressing the inside as well as the outside actually creates lasting change.

Love, Jayne and Quincy